Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another mouth to feed....

We have added another member to our family and the girls finally out-number the boys!!! Tony's friend, Craig, asked Tony if we could adopt their adorable 1 year old boxer, Ally. We met her Monday night and quickly fell in love. She is precious.

She and Shadow get along great too! Shadow has welcomed her with open paws into his run and everything. They are adorable running around the yard together.

I'm starting to think that I've become soft in my old age and more tolerance for Tony's love of dogs.


Nicole said...

That is the cutest face ever! I NEed to hug her

Crystal said...

I absolutely loved Boxers!! My sister has two and I want to take them both home with me every time I visit!

greygillfish said...

You are killing me with all these pets. HA! That is a lot of animals to care for. I hope the kids and Tony will help you.

He is awfully cute though, and he even already knows how to pose for pictures. That is a BIG BONUS!

Angbrad03 said...

What a cutie! Boxers are great dogs--Brad used to have a boxer in college. That dog did more partying than I did, I think! Such great dogs. And talk about an adorable face--good luck saying No to those eyes!

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