Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas is "Officially" OVER!

This weekend, my mom's family celebrated a late Christmas. I volunteered to host, since our house is pretty central to most everyone. We had a house full and I was so happy to see everyone that came. Those that were absent were sorely missed and left an empty spot in the festivities.

When this family gets together, we always EAT! One thing the Cannon family is known for is amazing food and an abundance of it! Especially when it comes to dessert!!! Yum, yum!

We also played Dirty Santa, which I have to admit, the girls are much better at than the guys! The guys are just too nice! Us we know how to play...there is stealin' goin' on the whole game and most of the presents end up froze by the end. I was thrilled with my final pick...I got a basket full of candy (which I quickly gave away to the kiddos) and $20 in gift certificates to The Warren Theatre.

Several had to leave early due to other commitments, but we continued to "party" late into the evening. We played cards, ordered pizza, ate leftovers and the guys even went to see Sherlock Holmes.

It was an amazing Saturday and I had such a GREAT time! Here are few pictures that were taken...I was too busy playing hostess to remember to get my camera out, so I was excited when I realized my mom left her camera at my house...hehehe...thanks Mom!

Now I can finally take down my Christmas decorations! Woo hoo!!!

My Aunt Judy and cousins Heather and Chad

My Aunt Guynell and Uncle Jerry

My second cousin Kinsey (she was born the year Tony and I started dating..yikes! I feel really old.)

Third Cousins Cassidy and Ashton

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Nicole said...

I LOVE the blog makeover!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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