Monday, March 28, 2011

Chips for Charity

Saturday night was Junior Hospitality's big spring fundraiser...Chips for Charity. It takes a lot of work, but this night is so worth it.

We had over $22K in donations to load up our raffle and auction area. We are so blessed to have wonderful people willing to help us out and in turn, help out our grant recipient The Bethel Foundation.

We set up on Saturday afternoon and the doors opened to the event at 7pm. It was a packed house.

Tony and I got all gussied up. He even helped me pull up my hair (which you can't see real well cause of the dark background...but take my word for it, it was an awesome side bun that I would've never been able to pull off without my extensions).

Here is my friend Kelsie and I working the registration table! We are each required to work an hour shift, but there are several girls who devote themselves to working the whole night (hmm, hmm, Nicole). Unfortunately, I was a horrible friend and partied after my shift and just left my friend at the Wine Pull all night. Sorry Bestie! :(

But I did get a picture of Nicole and I together. Doesn't she look beautiful? I love her tan. I wasn't feeling the self-tanner this year and only put it on once. I just couldn't handle the smell. Maybe later closer to summer.

Our friends Misty and Justin and Tom and Leslie went this year. OMG! We had such a good time dancing with Misty and Leslie while Tom and Justin gambled. Yes, I said WE. Tony is a dancer, not a gambler, so he was on the dance floor with us girls.

This is my girlfriend Karlin. She and her hubby came last year. Karlin completes our "three wheeler" on Chips night since her husband is a die hard poker it is typically me, Tony and Karlin just hangin' out. And thanks to D and his awesome poker playing, they won the grand prize!!! Congrats Karlin and Dywain.

Oh yeah...Tony and I won a raffle prize. I was so excited. We got a night's stay at the Courtyard Marriot, Kayaking for 2 on the OK River, Climbing for 2 at Rocktown and a $25 GC to Earl's. Sounds like a fun weekend in Bricktown is in our future!!!

The event was a huge success and I am so glad it is only once a year. It will take me that long to recover from it. Whew! I am still tired today! But I can't think of any way I would rather wear myself out, than with my hubby and all my friends by my side.

Hopefully next year...YOU'LL GO TOO!!!


Nicole said...

couple of things....

1. LOVE your new background, SO SO much
2. You are so forgiven but remind me next year to just do my hour?! HAHA
3. SO glad Tony had fun! It is nice for the men to see what makes us happy

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

Love your pics! I wish I had come and visited with you guys more, I didn't even get to see your cute shoes!

I do take two!! said...

GREAT pics and you looked awesome! I REALLY wanna go next year!!

mistymadisonjo said...

We had such a great time. I'm so glad we went!

greygillfish said...

You are gorgeous!

Shyla said...

Looks like a fun event!

Angbrad03 said...

You look amazing! And Tony didn't look too bad, either. ;) And I loved the shoes--cute, cute, cute! Glad y'all had a fun evening!

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