Thursday, April 14, 2011

Becky's Buys: Spin Pins

I have been meaning to tell you all about these wonderful little delights for some time, but was just lazy about getting pictures taken.

I bought these after I got my extensions, so I am hoping I will still love them as much when they are gone. But for the longer, thick hair, they are a God send.

If you haven't heard about Spin Pins before, they are these nifty pins that you spin into a bun and they hold it all together. No more bobby pins filling your entire head with pain. And they are super-duper easy. They spin right in and spin right out.

I highly, highly recommend you get a pair of these. They are made by Goody and I bought mine at Wal-mart for something around $6. Well worth it!!!


Nicole said...

They confuse me! I may have to play around with them

I do take two!! said...

I have them and love them too!!! LOVE them!!!!

mistymadisonjo said...

Ok, those still look complicated to me. Cool idea and your hair always looks great.

greygillfish said...

I just bought some today. I am hoping I am talented enough to make a bun for GiGi tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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