Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blown Away

About a month ago, Tony and I got a phone call from the Vice-Principal at Quinn's school. He was calling to see if we wanted to use Quinn's first name (Michael) or the name we call him for an award he was getting. We asked what the award was, but he wouldn't tell us. He just said it was a special one and wanted to make sure he got the name correct.

Then, Quinn brought home a note this week, giving us information about the awards assembly, but still nothing about the details of what award he would receive. By Friday evening, the night of the assembly, Quinn was pretty nervous and so was I.

The night started off great, when our close friend, Madison, was awarded the Moore Service League award. Three students from HWJH were selected to write an essay and go through an interview for this award. We were so proud that Madison was selected for this award. (Great job Madison! We are so proud of you.)

Mr. Church, Quinn's band director, was the first of the teacher's to present an award. I was delighted when he awarded Quinn with the Outstanding 7th Grade Brass Student award. Not that I didn't have high expectations for Quinn to get more, but I was pleased with this award and would've been happy if that was all he got.

The next few teacher's of Quinn's gave their awards and to our delight, Quinn's name kept getting called. He would literally walk off the stage and have to go straight back up there. I was beaming with pride in my son and I could tell he was about to explode with excitement. With each award, we were more and more elated.

The final award of the night was from the Moore Masonic Lodge, The Student of Today award. This award is a big, big deal. It is given to one 7th grade and 8th grade boy and girl. So, only 4 students in the whole school are given this award. The first awarded was for the 7th grade girl and Quinn's girlfriend, Emily, was announced. OMG! We were so excited. Then the 7th grade boy was announced and it was Quinn. How exciting for them both to get this award together. (Great job Emily! We are so proud of you too!)

I am so proud of Quinn. I've told him the bar is set really high to do his very best in everything he does. But of course, that's all we've ever asked of our kids. is a list of the awards that he got...
- Outstanding Honors 7th Grade Science Student
- Outstanding Honors Geography Student
- Outstanding Achievement 7th Grade Reading Student
- Outstanding 7th Grade Brass Student
- Straight A Student
- 4.0 and above GPA
- Oklahoma Junior Honor Society
- President's Education Award
- 7th Grade Masonic Award

I think Quinn has found his niche in Jr. High.


Kathie Truitt said...

You scared me for a sec. There is the picture of Quinn with the title "Blown Away" - thought maybe he got picked up by one of those awful tornadoes you all get all the time. Whew! (sigh of relief)

Wow. I am impressed. And very proud - please pass my congratulations and excitement on to him.

Anonymous said...


Debbie said...

Wow!!! What a proud Momma you must be! Way to go Quinn!! **hugs**

mistymadisonjo said...

I am so glad he has found his own in Jr. High. For both our kids' sake, I am glad elementary is behind them.
To bigger and brighter things.

Nicole said...

Awe, how wonderful

Angbrad03 said...

Congrats, Quinn!! That's awesome! You and Tony must be proud!

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