Monday, June 27, 2011

Movie Mayhem

may·hem [mey-hem, mey-uhm]noun: a state of rowdy disorder

This definitely describes the movies that we have watched the last couple of days. You see...we took the kids to Missouri on Saturday, so now we have a full week without impressionable children in the house...hehehe. Really, it is the perfect time for us to let our freak flags fly and enjoy a little inappropriate movie watching.

So, we kicked it all off on Saturday night by renting The Hangover and Easy A. Tony had seen The Hangover and I had seen Easy A. I think we both enjoyed watching each other's reactions. The Hangover was as raunchy as they come (at least that is what I thought on Saturday night). Easy A isn't necessarily raunchy, but I don't recommend it for a family movie night.

Sunday afternoon, we went to see The Hangover 2 at The Warren. Holy Cow! This movie was as inappropriate as they come. Things that would have been considered X rated back in the 80's are now in R movies. Don't get me wrong, I was rolling in the aisles...but there are only so many penises one can see in one movie.

We also watched a couple more rentals on Sunday. We started with Date Night, which was adorably hilarious. I just love both Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. Then we watched No Strings Attached. Again...two great leads: Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. They are both so adorable and this is a great romantic comedy.

Tonight, Nicole and I met at The Warren for some Monday night movie fun and we saw Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz. Not quiet as raunchy as The Hangover movies, but it certainly earned it's R rating. It was cute and the goofy things they wanted you to laugh at...well, we laughed at 'em. And I really thought Cameron Diaz was fantastic in this naughty role. But again...not appropriate for a family movie night.

So, now I am wrapping up my movie watching weekend with The far so good...pretty darn cute.

But let me ask...Is it really possible for one person to watch this many movies in 3 days? I guess it is when the kids are gone and there a lot of movies to catch up on and it is over 100 degrees outside. What else is one to do?

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