Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Diggin' in the Dirt

Two things you know FOR SURE about me:
1. I LOVE movies
2. I LOVE watching those movies at The Warren

I mean really. I am practically there once a week and internally cry if I have to go somewhere else to watch a movie.

So, The Warren had the official ground breaking ceremony for their new IMAX Theatre that is slated to open in February 2012. This IMAX will be the biggest in the US and we are getting it right here in Moore. How cool is that??? The screen will be six stories tall and there won't be a bad seat in the house.

Since I am on the email list for their newsletter, I got an invite to the ceremony. So, we said...why not? Let's go!!!

So, we did!!

And Nicole came with us too, since she is technically their #1 fan...I guess that would be make me their #2(guess, I will settle for #2 on this one).

Even at 10 am, it was crazy hot outside, but it was really neat to be there and witness the start of something new for Moore. And yep! That is Bill Warren standing out in the heat with us!

It would be awesome if I could be there for the Grand Opening Ceremony too!! (Hint, hint to anyone who might stumble upon my blog and possibly have contacts with The Warren!!!)

Be sure to watch as the IMAX grows and watch all of the positive things it does for our town.

1 comment:

Kendra said...

How exciting for the city of Moore!! Even though I live in western OK, my mom lives in south OKC and we love going to the Warren. You should be a VIP with all the movies you see! =D

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