Friday, July 29, 2011

Five for Friday

It's HOT!

I'm not talkin' run of the mill summer kind of hot either.

I'm talkin' surface of the sun hot....core of the earth hot....depths of hell hot!

We darn well better break the 1980 record of 50 days over 100 degrees. Otherwise, all this suffering was for not.

So, how are you beating the heat? Well, my Five this week is the ways I am beating the heat! And with POTS, this is a very, very hard thing to do.

Five Ways I'm Beating the Heat
1. First and foremost...I stay in the air conditioning as much as possible.
2. If I have errands to run, I do them early in the day.
3. If I have to go out in the heat of the day, I have a cooling bandanna that has come in REAL handy. It may not be fashionable, but if it keeps me cool. Sometimes, I will just have to forgo fashion.
4. I sip on cold beverages ALL DAY long.
5. If I get too overheated, I get in a cool shower or tub of water. I never thought I would ever utter those words. Hot baths and showers used to be my favorite, but not any more. It's all about staying cool now-a-days!

1 comment:

Kendra said...

I just said the same thing the other day when going to take a shower, I cannot believe that I am now wanting to take COLD showers. This heat is just miserable.

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