Friday, August 26, 2011

Keeping the Faith

Well, for the last week, I have been taking a half dose (10mg) of the new medication. Today was officially my first day on the full dose (20mg). Within an hour of taking it, I was tired, lethargic and couldn't even stand without stumbling.

This was obviously not the intended result so I called the doctor and left a message for the nurse. After a few hours, the nurse called back and gathered all of the necessary facts. She told me if I didn't hear from her by 3pm, to call her back. Within two minutes of hanging up, the phone rang and it was the nurse again. She said the doctor wanted me to go back to the half dose until I come back at my next appointment.

After the call, I returned to the couch and was somewhat happy with the decision. Ten minutes later though, my phone was ringing again. And this time it was the doctor. He asked a few questions about how I had been feeling on the new medicine and he made the decision that it wasn't working, so there was no point in continuing with it.

He said he would review my file over the weekend and get back with me next week. My favorite part of the conversation though, was when he said "Don't Despair. We will find something that works." I truly feel like he is working on my side and has a true interest in helping me find relief. I have complete faith that he the right specialist to help me find my way to the light.


Debbie said...

How comforting. It's so nice to have a health care professional who actually CARES about your HEALTH! In today's world, that is difficult to come by. God has blessed you. You will continue to be in my prayers my friend.

Kendra said...

what a praise!continuing to pray for you.

mistymadisonjo said...

I'm glad that they stopped the meds. Hopefully he will find something else. Hope you feel better over the weekend.

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