Monday, August 15, 2011

Ten Days of Me - Ten Secrets

My friend, Nicole, started 10 Days of Me a bit ago and I absolutely loved the idea. But, I was stumped with the very first list...10 Secrets. Seriously? I don't keep fact, I am pretty much an open book. I tell you guys just about EVERYTHING! So, this list has been extremely difficult to create. So, here goes...

ten secrets
1. I rarely tell the truth...when someone asks me how I am feeling. Tony is really good at knowing when I am not telling the truth, but most people just hear "I'm okay" and they gloss over and leave. It is just easier this way, I guess.

2. I am an amazing host to many, many, many pity parties. Who doesn't love to party, right?

3. I weigh myself...EVERYDAY! And sometimes, more than once. I am so afraid that I'll start gaining weight and I won't notice until it is too late. I mean, who hasn't woken up one day and wondered where that extra 50 lbs. came from...because we all know, it wasn't there yesterday.

4. I am a horrible housekeeper. Thank goodness I have kids...because if it were up to me, the dishes would only get done once a week.

5. I am obsessed with lists. I make a list for everything...I have been known to even take my to-do list and break it out with times so I can make sure I'll have enough time to get everything done.

6. I am addicted to my DVR. I probably take about 20 minutes everyday to make sure there are no conflicts with my scheduled recordings and if there are, I search the guide to find new times to record and catch all of the shows that I just can't imagine missing.

7. I am selfish. Yep. I know it is hard to imagine...hehehe. But I am. I was reflecting on my high school years and really can't remember most people from my past. Yes, POTS has affected my memory, but surely not this much. People almost always recognize me, remember my name and everything. But it takes me FOREVER to remember who they are and how I know them. The only explanation I have for this is that I have been so self-centered that I didn't care...that is just horrible to admit, but I vow to change that about myself.

8. I don't shower near as often as I should. I know that is SO gross...but now that I am staying at home, it is even worse.

9. I am addicted to discounts. I cannot wait to open my email every morning and see what those wonderful online discounts have emailed me today. In fact, I subscribe to 7 of them right now...and I buy from two to three of them each week. It is a serious sickness.

10. I have expensive taste on a Popper's budget. I dream of owning fabulous designer and boutique clothing...maybe one of these days.


Nicole said...

I love that when I read things about you...I see myself in you! LOVE it

Debbie said...

#7 rings SO close to home for me. It's embarrassing to admit...but like you, I am working to change that about myself. This was fun to read! Thank you for being so transparent!

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