Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday Date "Fright"

Tony and I had a fantastic date night on Friday. If you remember, my resolution for this year was to go on a date with Tony once a month. I am proud to say I've made it so far...but the next two months will prove to be a challenge.

We made this date a pretty big one. We used the hotel stay that we won at Chips for Charity...a free night at the Marriot Courtyard.

We had dinner at The Melting Pot. This wasn't my first time, but it was Tony's. We both enjoyed the meal, but it sucks to have a teeny tiny tummy and not be able to eat all of that yummy food. By the time the dessert came, I thought I was going to pop.

After dinner, we walked to the Bricktown Coca-Cola Event Center to see if the new Pitch Black, Bricktown Haunted Warehouse could scare us. Unfortunately, it wasn't that scary, but we had a GREAT time laughing at the two girls in our group. They were scared out of their mind.

We were done with the haunted house by 9, so we decided to catch a movie at The Harkins. We saw the new Justin Timberlake movie, In Time. It was a really good movie. The premise is pretty neat...everyone stops aging at 25 years old and then you have one more year live. The currency is time, so you buy things with time and get paid in time...everyone is basically working to live longer than the one year they have left.

It was a very full night, but we had so much fun! We laughed and enjoyed each other's company the whole night.

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Kendra said...

What a fun date night! I just love your hair, that pic of you and your hubs is great!

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