Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jingle Mingle

Last week was the annual JH Jingle Mingle. It's always so much fun to see each other all dressed up and meet the significant others. Unfortunately, Tony was working this year, so I played third wheel with my friend, Nicole, and her hubby, Matt. (Thanks for letting me hang guys!)

This year's event was at Rococo's in NorthPark Mall. If you haven't been there, it is super yummy. And they really took care of our large group well.

Of course we had to play Dirty Santa and, as always, all gloves were off.

This was my first gift! Unfortunately, I was number the chances of getting to keep it were slim.

So...of course it go stolen. Then I opened an awesome giftcard and lost it immediately. This is what I ended up with. (I am generally an OU fan and our family isn't huge on watching it is very ironic that I got this.)

Can't you see the excitement on my face. (btw...this picture has given me several moments of laughter...hehehe.)

I love the holidays and I am thankful to have such a wonderful group to celebrate with.

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mistymadisonjo said...

Ok, first you guys look amazing! Secondly, that face is hysterical

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