Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a Weekend

This past weekend was busy, busy. Which turned out to be a blessing...Tony was stuck at the fire station the whole time (from Thursday morning until Sunday morning), so staying busy helped me not miss him as much. But I sure wish he could have been there with us.

Friday night, the kids and I went to see Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. This movie was in 3D and I don't typically enjoy it. But The Warren now has kid sized glasses (which are perfect for my oddly small head) and the 3D effects were very well done.

We all three enjoyed the movie. And I have become a huge fan of Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson. I love all of the kid movies he has done. He just seems like a wonderfully silly and lighthearted person.

Saturday morning started off with me going for a massage at Massage Envy. In January, I made the decision to get a membership and try massage therapy for some of the pains I have. Well, unfortunately, this massage was not great. I am still trying to find the perfect therapist so I tried a guy this time. It was rougher than normal during the massage and I found out how rough later that day when my back was killing me and I had visible bruising. Not good at all. I will using a different therapist next month.

That evening, my friend Jeana and I took Quinn and Ashton to the WinterJam concert at the Chesapeake Arena. This is a great concert that comes here every year. There are multiple christian bands that perform and it costs $10 dollars at the door. We ended up sitting in the nose bleed section, but it was still a good show.

Ashton thought it was a little loud...hehehe.

Sunday was spent resting and enjoying our time with Tony since he finally got to come home!!!

The kids were out of school yesterday, so I worked from home. Mid-morning my mom called and said she and Dad wanted to go see a movie. So they came up and the girls went to see The Vow while my dad and Quinn saw Ghost Rider. It was a great wrap up to our holiday weekend.

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Kendra said...

What a fun weekend, except for the massage. I am sorry, I hope you find a more suitable therapist. My oldest asked if we could go to WinterJam next year after the kids from our youth group raved about it.

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