Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh Captain, My Captain

I am so proud to tell you guys that Tony has been promoted to Captain within the Noble Fire Department.  This means he is officially a commanding officer when on duty. 

I'm sure he will be nervous when he commands at his first fire, but I know he will do just fine. 


Kendra said...

Congratulations to Tony! That is a wonderful accomplishment!
My stepdad worked with the Norman Fire Dept. for years before retiring as Training Chief due to a traumatic brain injury from being hit by a car while riding his bicycle. I know he accompanied Noble firemen when he was Captain.
Congrats again to your hubs!

Debbie said...

How very cool! Congrats to Tony. Such a wonderful accomplishment!

Nicole said...

Please tell him I said congrats! Very exciting!

mistymadisonjo said...

That is fantastic!! Congrats to him!

greygillfish said...

YEA! Congrats to Tony!

Shyla said...

Congrats Tony! That is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Considering its a position that's pretty much given to you whether you pass the test or not if one was even taken. Not to sure if he will be "commanding" many scenes, it all depends on how good he looks and if it will consist of doing work for more than 30 min. or so in "intense" temperatures.

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