Monday, June 25, 2012

Road Trip - Day 1 - On the Road to Pigeon Forge

We just returned from our week long family road trip.  Boy, do I have a lot of posts for you this week.  Hopefully I can make them each enjoyable for you.

The road trip was braved by our family of four and my parents.  We left Saturday, June 16 at 4am.  Yep!  Four'freakin'o'clock in the morning!  Our first stop was Pigeon Forge, TN and that was only a 13 hour drive.  Tony was a trooper and drove the entire 13 hours.  We all offered to help with the driving, but Tony says he actually enjoys driving.  Me?  Not so much!

We had never been to Pigeon Forge, but had heard it was like Branson.  I found it to be better than Branson though.  I liked how it was arranged and how you could walk or take the trolley instead of messing with parking.  My parents let us use their timeshare for our two night stay in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  We had a really neat townhouse at Laurel Crest Resort

We spent our first evening in The Old Mill District of Pigeon Forge.  Such a neat, neat area.  It is like traveling back in time.  The food was delicious and I couldn't help but love the Tennessee accent.  But after the long drive, we were all tired and went to bed early.  We had a big day planned the next morning and needed our rest.


Kendra said...

Oh that picture looks so divine. I love that area so much!

mistymadisonjo said...

I want to come and take pictures there!!!

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