Friday, June 29, 2012

Road Trip - Day 5a - At the Beach

I am going to break up the 5th day of our vacation into two posts.  I'm afraid if I did it in one post you would be on picture overload.

Beach Fun
Of course we went back to the beach on our second full day in MB.  The weather was perfect.  The sky was overcast and it was just beautiful.  There was bigger surf so the kids did a lot of body surfing and boogie boarding.

My dad was having a ball looking for shells.  He was so focused on finding shells, that he failed to notice the group of girls standing on the beach in bikinis.  It cracked me to watch him...he went on like this for almost 20 minutes. 

Surf Lessons

Tony and Vince scheduled surf lessons with a local guy named Jack.  And Jack was the perfect example of a beach bum.  He was so nice and accomodating and did it all with a valley accent.

After the first hour of surfing, Vince was done, so Jack offered to teach Quinn and Collin too.  I couldn't believe how nice he was being.  Quinn was up on the board like he'd been surfing his whole life.  It was crazy how natural he looked on the board.

I'm so happy they all got to surf and mark that off their list of things to do.

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