Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 Renegade Review Marching Contest

Saturday, the band competed at Union's Renegade Review Marching Contest.  This was their 3rd contest to participate in and it was the toughest by far.

First, the weather was not very cooperative.  It was extremely windy and the threat of severe weather loomed over us the entire day.  Their prelim performance was at 1:30 and the band managed to squeak by without any rain.  There were other bands that were not as fortunate though.  A couple times during the afternoon it rained pretty dang hard.

Second, we were up against bands from OK, AR, and MO.  And these bands were really good and some were really big.

I am sad to say that we didn't make it into finals.  It is a bummer to not make it when you know how hard everyone has worked.  There were 21 bands in attendance and we were ranked 15 after all of the prelim performances.

Unfortunately, not even the bands that made finals got to perform.  A huge storm was headed to Tulsa and the contest organizers were smart enough to call it quits.  Finals were cancelled due to weather and we all hit the turnpike to head home.  We drove home in some pretty heavy rain, but we all made it home safe and sound.

The kids have been out on fall break the last two days and have had 4 hour rehearsals both days.  I'm glad they get to rest and recharge with a three day weekend.  There are two more contests before Grand Nationals in Indianapolis and they need to be able to deliver their A game.  The next contest is Tuesday!  Wish 'em luck! 

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