Thursday, November 8, 2012

Indianapolis or Bust!

Yesterday evening, the band hit the road for Indianapolis to participate in the Bands of America Grand Nationals Championships.  This is the big league my friends!  Ninety bands from across America participate.  Of those ninety, thirty will move on to semi-finals and the top twelve of those will compete in finals for the title of Grand National Champion.

Our equipment trailers/semi and a large group of the boosters hit the road yesterday morning to meet the kids there.  Then last night, the students, chaperons and directors all boarded four charter buses to drive through the night.  They safely arrived in Terre Haute, IN this morning and are practicing today at Indiana State University. 

Our band will perform in the preliminaries tonight at 9pm CT....they get to perform on Lucas Oil Field in downtown Indianapolis (pretty cool, huh?).  Please send up prayers that they'll perform their very best.  I think we have a very viable shot to make semi-finals.  Also pray for the adults...look at all those kids.  I can only imagine how crazy it is to wrangle 180'ish kids at one time.  I have a huge amount of respect for this group that takes care of my kid and the other kids as well.

So, I also ask that you pray for me.  This is the furthest away that Quinn has ever been and I am kinda freakin' out a bit.  And we all know that boys are not the best at keeping in touch with their he hasn't responded to my "good morning" text yet...ugh!  Luckily my friend Misty is there as a chaperon.  She will be my line to all things going on with the trip, the band and my son.

I am actually a little sad that I didn't go, but with Ashton's birthday today, I just didn't feel like it would be right to leave her.  We will find tomorrow evening if they made it into semi-finals, so I will let you guys know how they do.  Thanks for your prayers and happy thoughts.


Crystal Clear As Mud said...

Yay, prayers and fingers crossed!

Kendra said...

I will be praying for them and you. I would be like you, kind of freaking out. I look forward to hearing how they did/do!

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