Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Over!

Marching Season is officially over!  It is a bittersweet ending and Grand Nationals is an extremely flawed system.  The way it works is the top 21 from each day were sent to semi-finals.  So theoretically, a lower scoring band one day could be in semi-finals and a band with a higher score from the other day wouldn't make it in.  And this is exactly what happened to our band.  We missed making it into semi-finals by one position...but had a higher score than at least one band that made it from day two.  Very, very frustrating. 

I can't even tell you how proud I am though.  You saw the performance (if you watched the video)...but what you didn't see (or hear) were all of the things that happened to this group before their performance that day.  If it could go wrong, it did.  So, for the band to pull together and perform so well is truly inspiring. 

And the drama didn't end after their performance day either.  They arrived home this evening...4 hours later than planned.  They departed from Indianapolis at midnight Saturday evening.  Around 5 am this morning, bus 3 broke down.  So, while the kids slept and had no idea the buses had stopped, they frantically tried to figure out what was wrong.  A replacement bus was finally brought in after sitting on the side of the highway for 3 1/2 hours.  So, to have them finally home is a HUGE relief.

Thanks for all of your well wishes and your happy thoughts and prayers. 


Nicole said...

You are the BEST marching Mom I know!

Kendra said...

Bless their hearts. It's sad to put so much time and effort into it and to miss out unfairly. Praise God they made it home safely and the kids were able to rest while the adults scrambled and got everything worked out.

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

I'm bummed they didn't make it to semis, but this has been such an amazing experience! So glad everyone's home safe and sound!

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