Friday, November 23, 2012

Katy Perry Obsessed

After taking Ashton to see the Katy Perry movie, she has been obsessed with all things Katy Perry.  She wants her hair, her makeup, her clothes, her music...everything.  She got on the internet and found KP fashions that she thought she just couldn't live without.  Then, she started scheming...she had to find a way to get them.

She decided this was the dress she wanted, so she asked her Grandma Treasa, Tony's mom, to make it for her.  Let me start out by telling you that Treasa is a fantastic seamstress...but Tony doesn't get his penchant for perfectionism from his dad...nope he gets it from his mom.  This means, she is extremely thorough when she makes things...which also means, she is not quick.  (Case in point...she made Quinn an amazing baby blanket...started it shortly after he was born and he got it as a gift on his 5th birthday.  Yep...I said 5th.)  But her projects are always PERFECT!  And I am not kidding.

So, Ashton had to learn to be patient...cause the dress was not going to be done quickly.  But man, did Treasa outdo herself this time.  The dress perfectly fits Ashton and looks darling on her.  They are still trying to decide how they want to do the dice, but for now, the dress is adorable and wearable.  (I'm trying to talk Ashton out of the dice...the dice is pretty the way it is.)

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Kendra said...

beautiful dress on a beautiful girl!

Kathie Truitt said...


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