Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mother/Daughter Tea

I've told you guys about the wonderful class that Ashton is in on Wednesday nights at our church.  It is called Sarah's Daughters and it is taught by three wonderful, christian women.  Every year, the teachers host a mother/daughter tea. 

The room is always decorated beautifully for fall.  The girls each make a craft to give to us as a gift as well.  And we enjoy a nice relaxing evening with our daughters.

This is Ashton's last year since the class is for 5th and 6th grade girls.  But this year, she gets to enjoy the class with her friend Kaylin.  Kaylin and her mom, Karlin, are good friends of ours and it is fun to watch the girls grow up and mature together.

I am so thankful that Ashton has this class to help guide her into being a wonderful young lady.

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Crystal Clear As Mud said...

Aww, love it! And a cute pic of two of my favorite ladies at the end! :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

That is SO CUTE!

Debbie said...

I SO love the top pic of you and Ashton!! She is a beautiful young lady...and so is her Momma! I miss you my friend. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kendra said...

The pic of you and Ashton is precious! That is such a special time with your girl and friends.

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