Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Football Friends

Watching a high school football game on Friday nights has never really been a highlight for me (even when I was a cheerleader in high school).  But with Quinn in the band, we want to be supportive so we have attended every game we possibly could.  During these games, we've had our good friends around us that are also there watching their freshmen kiddos.  So, as a group we have supported each other through the games and cheered on each other's kids.

Misty, Justin are dear, dear friends of ours.  They are family to us.  Both Madi and Spencer are like our adopted children.  It was so sad for us when Quinn and Madi were separated for a year in junior high, so it was sigh of relief for the kids to be back together for high school.  I'm crossing my fingers that one day we'll see both of our kids directing the band as Drum cool would that be?

Leslie and Tom are friends that we met through Misty and Justin and have known casually for the last couple of years.  We've had a lot of fun getting to know them better and getting to watch their daughter, Abby.  She is on the Varsity Pom Squad.  Ashton has loved watching her dance and really looks up to Abby.  {Because of Abby being on the squad,Ashton even went to the Pom Clinic that was held this past weekend (there will be a post on it soon) .  Otherwise, she would've passed on the experience.}

Without this group of friends, I don't think we would've enjoyed this past football season near as much.  I guess we'll be moving our group inside in a few weeks when basketball season starts.

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