Monday, November 5, 2012

Rockin' the (Early) Vote!

***disclaimer and plea***This post contains my opinion and I am not trying to push my views on any of my readers.  It also contains proof of how much of a slacker I have been.  So, please don't lecture and try to persuade me to believe differently...but also please don't lecture me for failing to perform my civic duty.

I am not a political person.  Never have been.  I am not one to follow politics or have much of an opinion on politics.  Neither has Tony.  So we've made a pretty good couple...can you imagine just how crazy either of us would've driven a partner that has strong political views.  Well, because of this lack of political interest, neither of us has ever voted in a presidential election.  (Before you freak out...we've also maintained that since we didn't vote, we couldn't really complain about who ended up in office.)  But the last four years have pushed into a realm of realization and understanding of how important it is for us to stand up and vote for someone to lead this country that has the same views that we do.

So, since Tony is stuck at the fire station the next two days, we headed to our county election board on Saturday morning and took place in the early vote.  The polls were open from 9 - 1 on Saturday.  We had to drop Ashton off at a Pom Clinic so we didn't get there until 9:30...and the line was already wrapped around the building.  We also had to back to pick Ashton  up at we had a short window of time to through the line and vote and we had no idea how long it was going to take.

Luckily, we squeaked in under the wire and were able to get our (early) vote on!  We stood in line for a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes...and let me tell you it was a brisk little morning and 2/3 of the line was in the shade.  But I am proud of us for standing up for our beliefs and also for exercising our right to vote.  Hopefully we've set a good example for the kids and they won't slack off as much as we did. 

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Kendra said...

Good for you and Tony! You look so cute in your pic with your sticker! (I just love your hair!)
My 10 year old is completely wrapped up in this election. My husband and I aren't huge political people but with a 10 year old pushing us, we are wrapped up too.

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