Friday, November 2, 2012

The Family We Call "Band"

I never knew just how intricate the relationships that are developed in band could be.  These kids are a family.  They may get annoyed with each other.  And they may pick on each other.  But if you aren't in band and you mess with one of them, you better look out.  Not only that...they all date each other just imagine how complex that can become when a new romance develops or a romance ends.

I would have to say that these two are Quinn's closest friends.  Quinn and Madi met in 1st grade when they were both at the same private school.  Unknowingly, we moved into the same neighborhood with Madi's family the summer before we transitioned them to public school.  So, we shared carpooling and before and after school responsibilities.  These two quickly became like brother and sister.  And they take their friendship very seriously.  You better not mess with one of them, or there will be heck to pay.

Quinn and Ben met in 7th grade when they started at the same Junior High.  Ben has become an adopted son and we are happy to have him in our "family".  I would say he is at our house at least 45% of each week...if not more!  But we don't mind.  Both of the boys are pretty honest with each other...when one of them needs a break from the other, they are not afraid to say it. 

This is one of the groups that Quinn hangs out with.  (And yes...that is the girlfriend next to Quinn...she is just too adorable.)

This is another group that Quinn hangs with....Trumpet Besties!  They are all freshmen and have been in band together since the beginning.  I hope to one day have this picture side by side with all of four them still in band together their senior year.

I am so glad Quinn has this group of kids to call friends.  I can only imagine what is like to be part of such a large group of kids.  The band is the biggest extra curricular group at the high school.  About 10% of the kids in the school are in band!  Who would've thought it....go figure!


Kendra said...

How neat! I love the pics, you can tell they are a family.

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

Aww, love it!

mistymadisonjo said...

Sniffle, sniffle. You beat me to this blog post. YEAH, I am SOOOO behind. I love the pictures. You are doing such a better job than I am documenting all of this band stuff. I am just trying to get through it all.

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