Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Club Christmas

Our annual book club Christmas party was this past Friday night!  Our Christmas parties always include books, lots of food, and a fun (but evil) dirty Santa game.  I like our Christmas party cause we usually hang out a little longer since we are at someones home.  This year, my sweet friend Becky (also known as "The Other Becky") was our wonderful host.  If anyone wasn't in the Christmas spirit before arriving there, they sure were after.  Here home was beautifully decorated and Christmas was displayed in every possible room.  I loved it!

For our dirty Santa game, we always bring a wrapped booked and then play it the traditional way.  And if you open a good book that lots of us want to read, you better look is more than likely going to get stolen.  We don't hold back on the sort thing.  I opened up a compilation of 4 Stephen King stories.  I've honestly never read Stephen King, so I am looking forward to bringing him into my list of authors.  (And these stories are the less creepy ones.)

This was a great wrap up for our year and we will meet again after the holidays!

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ooh what's the Stephen King book? I like his stuff sometimes.

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