Friday, December 7, 2012

Count Myself Blessed

Usually when Nicole comes home to visit, she is swamped with family she needs to see.  And I totally understand and will never let it hurt my feelings if we have to a drive-by hello.  I just count myself lucky to get to see her at all when she visits.

But this last weekend, she carved out time for us to not only see the movie, but to also have an impromptu dinner with several of the girls from book club (some were missing and were missed).  We had so much fun and it was like she had never left.  The conversation is always great with this group of girls.  We are all so different from each other, but also alike...does that make any sense?

I was telling Nicole after that I love how this group has no drama.  We share in each other's lives, and listen to hard times and good times...but we all just mesh.  No one is fighting for the "rooster" spot...ya know?  No female competition.  It is a true blessing in my life. 


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

You are very lucky to have a no drama group, it's very rare!

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

Love this group of girls, seriously. And you're so right, we are drama free and loving it!

Kendra said...

what a wonderful group! A group of women can become so catty and disrespectful.

Nicole said...


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