Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Festival of Light

The weather in Oklahoma this December has been unseasonably warm.  So much so, that it has been really hard to get into the holiday spirit.  At the middle of last week though, the seven day forecast showed an arctic front coming in on Sunday.  So, Tony and I made plans to take the kids to see the Festival of Light in Chickasha before it was too darn cold to go out there and walk around.

We had a beautiful evening and at first we were going to drive through the lights.  But by the time we got to the end of the car line...we had driven a mile and a half.  I was shocked.  So, we parked and walked a half a block to the entrance.

The lights were gorgeous and the night was cool and calm.  I think I am officially in the holiday spirit now!!!

After the lights, we just had to hit the DQ.  We don't have a Dairy Queen here in OKC, but we see the commercials for it ALL the time.  It is so frustrating.  So it was a no-brainer...Blizzards were a must!

Have you had any moments this season that have brought the holiday season spirit into full force for you?


Crystal Clear As Mud said...

Love the Chickasha lights, but hardly ever go! And it's so funny that you had to have DQ, I missed Braum's more than anything while we were in Texas. Blizzards are just not the same as mixes!

Kendra said...

I am so relieved to hear the warm weather made it difficult for someone else to be in the holiday spirit. It's been a challenge for sure.
We hope to go to Chickasha this weekend. I did design a fun treat for the kids this past weekend to go around Weatherford to look at lights. It definitely helped!
And blizzards are a must anytime! There is a DQ 20 minutes from us and it's not uncommon to drive there just for a blizzard.

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