Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December Still Isn't Over and It's Already January 9

In my profession, the first week of each month (and longer at quarter end) is spent closing out the books on the previous month.  So, while everyone else gets to move on to the new month, I am stuck in the previous one.  Well, December was the end of our first quarter and it has been a particularly hard one.  I still have several things to close out and here we are almost 1/3 into January.  So, when I watch the news or hear people talking about resolutions and how they have already messed up and not done what they resolved to do, I have to chuckle!  I've written down my resolutions, but the ability to start them hasn't even happened yet. 

I have several posts I want to catch you guys up on and I will see what I can get done between today and through the weekend, but I thought I would go ahead and share my goals, plans and resolutions for 2013.  (And we thought we wouldn't survive Y2K...let alone the End of the World in Dec 2012.)

1.  Declutter - This was on the list last year and I got off to a good start, but I think this is something that will be an ongoing thing.  I tend to collect things, so cleaning those things out is a must from time to time.

2.  Debt - Tony and I made some STUPID money decisions in 2012(...okay, not necessarily stupid...some were medical and some were critical), but we have ended up with credit card debt again.  The goal is to buckle back down on our expenses and get rid of that debt.

3.  Tithe - Along with these bad money decisions, I also made the decision to not tithe at church during this time.  I say "I" because I handle our finances and just didn't mention it to Tony...yes, shame on me for that.  So, God is going to get the first of our harvest in 2013.

4.  Eating Out - This was another huge expense that got out of control.  We were eating out for dinners because I was too tired too lazy to cook.  We were still buying groceries but then we let them sit and go bad, so we were spending twice the money on dinners.  Not to mention me eating out for Breakfast and Lunch.  We've already implemented this and I can already see a difference in our expenses (and my weight).   Cooking is so much better than eating something prepared in a restaurant.

5.  Exercise - This is another from last and probably every other previous adult year.  I just need to take care of my body and get it moving more.  (I was able to start this last night and man...I am sore today.)

- and last, but not least -

6.  My blog - I plan to change things up on Becky's Babbles.  I am a random person, but I think this randomness has caused me to lose track of what I want to tell you guys and made my blog less personal than I had originally planned it to be.  Hopefully I can make the change this coming Monday or next and HOPEFULLY you guys will enjoy the change.  Just need some structure around my randomness I guess.

So, that is the plan for 2013.  If you haven't already made goals/plans/resolutions...why not?  Are you going to?  If you have, how are you doing on them?

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The Domestic Sweetheart said...

I decided this year my plan was to make plans lol :) so i'm currently working on setting some goals. excited to read your goals, etc. :) I'm a new GFC follower!

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