Friday, February 1, 2013

Family Frenzy Friday

Well, as I told you, we cleaned most of the day on Saturday, however, Ash and I managed to find some time on Sunday afternoon to watch two rentals.  And I recommend both of them. 

The first movie was The Words....first of all, Bradley Cooper...yummy!  The story is very's a story within a story within a story.  But it was so much that it was hard to keep up.  The story is about a writer that can't get anyone to publish him.  Until he finds a book that someone else has written and he turns it in as his own.  The rest unravels from there.

The second movie was Now is Good.  This is an obscure BBC movie that I'm not sure it ever came to the theatres.  But it has Dakota Fanning in it, so I thought, it can't be that bad.  Let me tell you first that I like obscure.  I think these make the best movies sometimes.  Dakota's character is a 17 year girl dying of cancer.  She has a list of things she wants to do before she dies and the movie is the journey through her last few days.  I thought the movie was beautiful and thought provoking.

While we were cleaning on Saturday, Quinn snuck away with his friend, Ben, to go play Airsoft.  He's gotten pretty deep into the Airsoft thing...most of his Christmas was Airsoft this year.  There is a field near our house that the boys can go to where there are actual "games" that take place.  It's sorta like paintball, but instead of paint, they shoot small, plastic bb's at each other.

Ashton set up an "art studio" in our living room.  I posted this pic on instagram and one of the comments was that she looks peaceful...and the more I look at it, I agree.  She does seem peaceful and in her element when she is creating.

The last "big" thing going on in our house and Quinn's new trumpet!  We finally broke down and got him an intermediate trumpet.  The sound is much richer and we are told that it will improve his playing to have something better than a student/beginner level instrument.  He loves it!  You would've thought the heavens opened up and the angel chorus was singing when he opened the box.

Our weekend will be somewhat uneventful, but I am perfectly fine with that.  Hope you all have a great weekend with your friends and family...I can't wait to see all of the great Superbowl commercials!!



Girl On a Journey said...

We rented both of those movies too a couple weekends ago. I loved them both! The Words was pretty intricate for sure. The other with Dakota Fanning was great. Hope you have a good weekend. I am ready for the weigh in tomorrow. Wish me luck. :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I totally was not into The Words at all.... but I don't like Bradley Cooper so maybe that's why?

Kendra said...

The pics of your kids enjoying what they love are just so neat. Both artistic but in different ways. I hoped you understood what I meant on IG when I said she looked peaceful. It is obvious how much she loves painting. She is totally in her element!
And I agree with you, lunch one day sounds so fun!!

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