Friday, February 8, 2013

Family Frenzy Friday

Our week in review....

  • We rented a couple movies from Redbox this weekend and they were both wonderful family movies.  The first, Hotel Transylvania...hilarious!  We loved this movie.  Ashton is dying for us to buy it.  The second, Abel's Field, is a little slow.  It is a spiritual film that has a great message, but I think is a better slow Sunday afternoon kind of movie.

  • Ashton and I had some creative time working on the baskets that I showed you on Wednesday.  It can be interesting to watch and listen to Ash and I work isn't always smooth.  We tend to "bite" at each quite often...I think we expect the other to be able to read our mind and know exactly what we need.  But at least we still try to do things together...arguments or not.
  • Quinn decided he was craving Grilled Cheese sandwiches, so I made him responsible for making our lunch on Sunday.  I have to admit, he is a pretty darn good GC maker.
  • This is my picture of two of rotten girls...the other rotten girl is in the next bullet.

  • Sookie had an eventful week.  Not only did you steal my ice cream...hehehe...but she had to go to the vet as well.  Poor girl needed a nail trim and also was having some poopie issues.  Since she is a crazy cat, she has to be sedated for any thing they do at the Vet...she looked pretty high when we got her home on Tuesday night.  And she was walking a little wonky too...but her poopie issues are hopefully all fixed.

  • Hopefully, you've kept reading, because this part is pretty exciting.  Ashton has been begging us to allow her to have a boyfriend.  We've always said that she could next year in junior high.  Well, she wore us down...and we remembered that Quinn had a girlfriend in 6th Ashton now has a boyfriend.  And before you jump all over me and say she is too young...this is a school only thing.  There is no texting or calling or play dates...just a boyfriend at school.  Well, his mom brought lunch to school on Wednesday and they invited Ashton to eat with them.  Aren't they too cute?  Ashton is absolutely glowing.


Kendra said...

Ashton and her boyfriend are the CUTEST!! I need to look at renting those two movies. Whenever I go to rent one I try to scour your blog and Nicole's to see what y'all have said about them! I am so behind on movies. I hope Sookie is better now too! Happy weekend!

Girl On a Journey said...

What a busy week! I may check out the movies this weekend while I fight this cold.

Nicole said...

He is very lucky

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