Monday, April 28, 2014

Made Me Smile Monday

I have a story I want to tell you today and it's rather embarrassing, but I obviously don't care since I'm gonna post about.  I also hope it translates to be just as funny on here as it was last night.

So, after Ashton's dance competition last night, she and I got in the car to drive home and my fuel light was on....first...I hate getting was 9:15pm...and third...I had to pee something fierce. 

So, let me stop by asking...have you ever pumped gas while needing to pee?  It's miserable

So, while I was getting gas, Ashton was in the car making fun of me because I was literally dancing around the car doing the pee pee dance.  I'm sure everyone at the gas station that I was insane and if there was any type of security cameras, I have no doubt I'll be on youtube soon.

Unfortunately, that really isn't the funny part of this story.  As Tony and I were laying bed, I was telling him about my dance routine and said..."it's not like it would've been the first time I've pee'd all over myself at the gas station..."  He got this look on his face and was about to die before I could even get the story out. 

It goes like this...junior year of high school.  Late at night.  I lived in the sticks and the gas station where I was getting said gas was not the type of place where you use the public facilities.  So, I tried to do the dance and instead of it warding off my need to pee, I lost control.  Like full control of my faculties.  I pee'd all over myself while hearing the gas pump through the hose.  Puddle on the ground kind of thing.  Thank goodness I was alone and on my way home.  Also thank goodness that my parents were already in bed and didn't have to see (or smell) my walk of shame. 

By the end of the story, Tony was cracking up.  You see, I have absolutely no shame.  Which is evident by my admitting to wizzing myself while getting gas (and no...I was not intoxicated).

So, please tell me you've done this too.  At least the having to dance around the car while the gas is pumping.  Help restore my esteem. 


Krysten Gautreaux said...

I've never done that but I will say that 20 minutes in a tanning bed when you have to pee is THE WORST. Or working a busy morning, having too many customers, and being unable to get to the bathroom. UGH.

Kendra Kelley said...

Oh my goodness, that's hilarious!! I've done the pee dance while pumping gas so I feel your pain.

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