Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here's the story...

So, the surgery was easy...especially considering I was under anesthesia...hehehe. I checked in at 5:30am and was unconscious by 7am. When my surgeon came to see me before they took me back, Tony asked him to say a prayer before he started. The cool thing, he immediately took my hand and lead the three of us in prayer, right there in pre-op. I would've cried if I hadn't been in such shock. It was at that moment that all doubts left.

Thirty minutes after I was out of recovery and in my room, the nurse woke me up and said, "ok, it's time to start drinking water and to go for a walk". What? I don't get to sleep? Let me start by telling you just how painful it was to drink water. Usually you feel water go down your throat, right? But I could fill it hit the top of my stomach. And it didn't feel good. Not to mention, I had to take a sip every 5 minutes to make sure I got 64 ounces in that day. I was also full of the gas that they blew my abdomen up with and burps hurt really, really bad. On top of that, I had to walk the halls every 2 hours and do breathing exercises (to prevent pneumonia) every 2 hours. So, my goal that first day was to get ahead of the water and sleep.

As you know though, in the hospital, there is no rest for the weary.

I was released on Thursday and happy to be home and away from the nursing staff...little did I know that Nurse Tony was just as rigid...hehehe.

My initial plan was to go back to work on Monday, but after a rough try at church on Sunday, I decided to stay home. I used yesterday to wean myself off the pain meds and I was doing really, really well. Then, last night, flem hit my gag reflex and I started a coughing fit that lasted 10 minutes. By the time it was over, tears were rolling down my face and all I wanted to do was lay down. So, instead of going back to work today, I am working from home, so I can rest when I need to. I hope to be back in the office tomorrow. I can't avoid forever, now can I.

I have one more week of being on sugar free liquids and I am so ready for food. Every thing looks so yummy! Pray that I don't go crazy by then.

I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and give you all an update on how a week of liquids only affects weight loss.


Anonymous said...

Soo glad you are doing great!! Minus the water, walks and painful burps!! ;) I've been thinking about you and prayed that all would go well. Take care of yourself and can't wait to hear how things are continuing to go!!

Abbie H. said...

So glad you were able to give us an update. I've been praying for you and you have been on my mind all week. I'm sorry I didn't take the time to tell you that before. Hope recovery is going well now. Can't wait to see your progress!!!

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