Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Grinch..I mean Cat Who Stole Christmas

I love my cat...I love my cat...I love my cat...I love my cat...(hold on, before I write this I am trying to convince myself that I really do love my cat)...I love my cat...I love my cat...I love my cat...

Well, as hard as I try that may not work today. Do you remember this sweet precious picture of Sookie sleeping under the tree?

Well, those wonderful sweet moments were short lived. Instead of curiosity killing the cat, it killed my Christmas tree.

Maybe I should change her name to the Grinch since she has pretty much stolen Christmas. My poor tree looks so pitiful now. :(


Kelly said...

I love your tree, and this post, and that it's you telling it and not me...oh, and I hate cats!! Sorry Nicole!! I am cracking up!! This is to funny!!

greygillfish said...

Sorry, but that is LAUGH OUT LOUD funny! I can just see her going after all those ornaments. Too Funny!

Nicole said...

Anyhoo who hates an animal is weird KELLY! God love all creatures and so should you

Let her do it, nothing you can do but laugh! Mine did this her firt 3 years of life and then she got bored with it!

mistymadisonjo said...

That is pitiful! Hillarious!

Abbie H. said...

Our cat use to do that.....until he found a new home! Haha! Cats ARE curious little creatures!

Oh and wait until you hear my Christmas tree woes of thus year!!!!!!!

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