Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Stuck...

and I need your help!

Breakfast is a very hard meal for me. I am usually running late and anything that is grab-n-go at home or fast food isn't really good for me.

I've eaten my share of scrambled eggs lately and I have no idea what else to eat.

I need your ideas of a good protein rich (no carb) breakfasts. Please, please give me some ideas!!!


Nicole said...

Smoothies? Parfait? Fruit?

Shannon Plumb said...

I know this is weird, but my fav breakfast right now is string cheese and an apple. Not too sweet and super fast!

greygillfish said...

I was going to suggest string cheese as well. Maybe with apple sauce or yogurt. Those yogurt drinks like danimals (is there an adult one?) would be easy to drink in the car.

Angbrad03 said...

Hmmm, not very portable, but I love dipping apple slices in peanut butter. (I buy this dark chocolate peanut butter that is to die for, but plain is good too). Ricotta cheese and sliced pears. (I like ricotta better than cottage cheese). And you can always dress up your scrambled eggs with deli turkey and cheese, cheese onion and tomatoes, spinach and parmesan and mushrooms--the possibilities are endless. Good luck--I'm not on a restrictes diet, but I still get stuck in a breakfast rut sometimes, so I'm sure it is tough. Hope you find some yummy alternatives!

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