Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's a Sinus Thing

Well, I went to my family doctor this morning after having decided that I have a sinus infection. I haven't been running fever and no green snot (I know..TMI), but my sinuses have been killing me and my upper teeth and jaw really, really hurts.

My assumption was correct and so my doc put me on antibiotics and some sinus stuff. Now, after bariatric surgery, one can't just take any old meds. It has to be really small (like Imodium small), chewable or liquid. This one threw my doctor for a loop. He actually had to consult his big book of drugs.

The other stinger is that my pharmacy didn't have the meds in stock. They are on order so I will have one more day before I can start them. But maybe, just maybe, I'll feel a little more like myself when I get this cleared up!


greygillfish said...

So sorry that you are having a rough time! Hang in there!

Nicole said...

I have been battling my cold/sinus infection for 1 week now! I wish you a quicker recovery!

mistymadisonjo said...

Oh no, that is terrible!

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