Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a pretty good weekend. Quinn was on a youth retreat and Ashton and I had all day Saturday to ourselves. We didn't anything major, just hung out and enjoyed a few movies on Lifetime Movie Network. Is it bad that she is already hooked on LMN?

Anyways, when Quinn got home on Sunday, we went straight to the Warren to see Soul Surfer. I knew there was no way the story could be bad since it was a true story. But I was little nervous that it would be cheaply made or hokey, but I am happy to say that it was not.

The movie was beautiful. It was extremely faith based and spiritually driven. I enjoyed every minute of it and I was so glad we took the kids to see it.

If you don't know the story, it is about pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton. Just before going pro, she endured a shark attack that took her left arm. She persevered and pushed through and was able to surf again. The story really is one of such character. And she did all of this at the age of 17.

It was a great family film and I highly recommend you take your family to see it.

Bethany has also written a book that I am adding to my list. I am truly inspired this young lady.

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