Thursday, June 9, 2011

Becky's Buys - OPI Shatter Nail Polish

I am absolutely addicted to this OPI nail polish. The first one out was the Katy Perry Black Shatter. OMG! I hunted for this stuff forever and finally got it with the Teenage Dream pink glitter.

Then, I got the Serena Williams Glam Slam, which is Red Shatter over Rally Pretty.

Every time I go to Ulta, I am searching for new bottles of the Shatter. There are several new colors out and I MUST have them ALL....Mwa-ha-ha-ha. (That turquoise one is just calling my name.)

But let me explain why I like it so much. I'm not the best nail-doer. My polish usually ends up with bubbles in it. Well, now you can't see the bubbles and my nails look artistic without me having to pay someone else to do them.

If you haven't tried the Shatter Polish yet, it is uber-fun! (And btw...I've tried the Sally Henson Shatter and it doesn't work near as well as the OPI. I'm just sayin'...spend a few extra bucks for satisfaction.)


Kelly said...

I like them too...and that turquoise is gorgeous!! I may have to borrow ;)

Nicole said...

They also have Pirates of the Caribbean in silver shatter! I want it

Kendra said...

Have you tried the nail strips? I just wonder how easy they are to apply. I have heard great things about this shatter polish and the strips.

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