Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello Mudda

What feelings come up when you reflect on your time at summer camp when you were young? For me, it is mixed emotions. I am thankful for the summer's I spent at camp, but for years, I was horribly homesick. So much so, when I was baptized, the youth minister made me promise that if he was going to baptize me I wouldn't cry anymore.

Well, Quinn is at his first ever church camp this week. Unfortunately, he didn't go in the best health. Thursday of last week, he showed us a huge mosquito bite on his leg...that turned out to actually be a spider bite. We don't think it is a brown recluse bite, but it still hurts...especially in 100+ degree heat.

So, since they arrived at camp Sunday, I have received numerous texts and phone calls from Quinn asking to come home with us when we go down there tonight to visit. I am trying hard to stick to my guns and make him stay, but my heart aches, I know how it feels to be homesick. But I also want him to have this entire experience and is not cheap.

Be thinking of us this evening and let's just hope I can keep my parents from driving an extra car and bringing Quinn and Collin both home. You know how hard it is to reel in those grandparents. ;)


Nicole said...

That makes we wanna vomit! ;)

But yes, make him stay....I was homesick once my parents made me stay but after that week I was good.

Kathie Truitt said...

Poor baby. I know that hurts. At first I thought it was Rocky Mountain spotted fever which would really be awful.

My daughter was baptized at camp. (Are you a church of Christ girl by any chance?)

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. I changed computers and now am able to leave comments. I also really like your new blog look. I'm in desparate need of a new look. Did you do this yourself or hire someone?

Becky said...

Kathie...I am a CoC girlie! And I did not do the blog template myself...I bought a pre-made template from Leelou Blogs and it was super easy and only $15.

Debbie said...

So sorry...on this one I cannot empathize so therefore I should not give advice.

I was always so STOKED to be at church camp! I cried when I had to go HOME!
It IS a compliment though to have your teenage son WANT to be home!

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