Monday, June 20, 2011

A Week of Updates

Boy, have I been busy.

Last week we spent four days and Branson. I love spending time in Branson with my family. It may seem like a "hokey-blue haired" destination, but we truly do love spending time together there. And Baby V was there so I got lots of baby time. ;)

We got back home at 5pm on Friday and I was back on the road heading to book club at 6pm. We had a nice small group this month, but we still discussed some awesome books. I'll have a new review for you soon.

Saturday morning, the kids and I headed to Lake Eufaula for my mom's family's reunion. It was so stinkin' hot. Over 100 degrees outside and 85 degrees inside with air conditioning. Ugh! We got back home at 5pm and I was pooped.

Quinn spent the rest of the night packing for church camp and he is there right now. I'll post more on that later.

So, since it was just me, Tony and Ashton home on Sunday (Father's Day), I think it quickly got turned into Daughter's Day...hehehe. Ashton decided she wanted to take Tony to see a movie, but she picked it...Mr. Popper's Penguins. This was a pretty cute movie. Not necessarily something you have to see at the movies, but cute and would make a fun rental. The penguins are adorable and make this movie.

After the movie, she talked Tony into taking her swimming. was Daughter's Day...not Father's Day.

And here we is Monday again! Ashton has big plans on extending the week to be Daughter's Week since Quinn is gone an she is an only child! hehehe

It feels good to be home and back into a 'somewhat' normal routine.

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