Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another series....

....brought to an end.

It is always bitter sweet when a book series that I am reading comes to an end. Especially when there are still so many more things that I want to know.

Well, this is definitely the case with The Wolves of Mercy Falls series. My friend, Nicole, told me about the first book a few months back and I was immediately hooked. While this isn't the best book series I have ever read, the characters were very endearing and I really enjoyed the writing style.

The final book, Forever, doesn't necessarily put a neat tidy bow at the end, but I was pleased with how the author wrapped it all up. If you are looking for a new series, this one is an easy read and is entertaining at the same time. Click HERE for my review of Shiver and click HERE for my review of Linger.

This time, the stakes are higher than ever: while Isabel’s father plots to wipe out the wolves once and for all, Sam and Isabel search for ways to save the pack, and Cole races to find a cure for Grace. But the real centerpiece of the series is the romance--between Sam and Grace, of course, and between Cole and Isabel--and Stiefvater’s luminous, poignant writing does not disappoint. Sam and Grace steal breathtakingly sweet moments together between Grace’s unpredictable transformations, and Cole and Isabel struggle to melt each others’ icy exteriors. Readers will melt, too, and find a satisfying, but not too-perfect, ending to this bestselling saga. --Juliet Disparte

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mistymadisonjo said...

Madi is waiting to read #3. :)

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