Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Could there be a light.... the end of this tunnel???

I saw my new specialist about POTS yesterday and I am thrilled that he actually knows what POTS is and has developed a plan for me. Now, I am just praying that this plan actually works.

I learned a few new things about POTS. First, I could actually outgrow this. He is thinking I should be past it by I am hoping that is the case. Second, there is nothing wrong with my heart or my brain...that just aren't communicating effectively. I told Tony that maybe I should sign them up for marriage counseling, it's always helped us communicate better...hehehe. And Third, basically my veins are those of a 243 lb woman. So, when I lost weight, although everything else got smaller, my veins did not. That is why they aren't constricting properly.

So, how can we fix all of this?

Exercise. Yep, he wants me to start exercising to build up the muscles in my legs so they can help support my veins. It's either that or compression hose and I AM NOT wearing compression hose. I am not against exercise, but I am scared to death of it. The last time I "worked out", I ended up in bed for two days becuase it absolutely wiped me out. So, I am starting out slow. Tony and I went on a 5 minute walk this morning and we slowly work me into longer and longer walks. The doc wants me exercising 20 minutes a day.

More Salt and Fluids. How many women take diuretics to avoid water rention? Too many. But that is exactly what needs to happen for me. So, I will continue drinking my water and powerade, but I also need to be putting salt on all my foods. Ugh! I'm actually not huge on salt, but I guess I will learn to love it.

New Meds. I am VERY nervous about this. On Friday afternoon, I take my last midodrine and then on Saturday I start taking a Beta Blocker. He wants me to do it over the weekend because I will basically feel like I have the flu for 3 - 4 days. Yay for me :( Pray that this part isn't as miserable as he says it is going to be.

Gain Weight. He wants me to eat smaller, more frequent meals and to put on about 8 lbs. A lot of this weight will be water weight, but he says I am too thin. (Goodness...I NEVER thought I would hear a doctor tell me I was too thin.)

I will be journaling my weight daily and my blood pressure and pulse twice a day. Then in four weeks, I go back to see him. This plan is not 100%, but it is a start and I guess we will tweak it as we go. Keep praying that I can find my way out of this tunnel and make it to the light at the end.


Nicole said...

I have had Beta Blockers before and it didn't make me sick at all so hopefully that will be the case with you. I took them for 2 years

Debbie said...

I am currently on Beta Blockers (a very high dose unfortunately) and I too did not feel ill. I pray you will be as blessed. Praying for you!

Thompson 5 said...

I have several questions but I am so intrigued and interested in this. I hope things are going more smoothly for you!! Keep looking for the light ;)!!!!

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