Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ten Days of Me - Eight Fears

eight fears
1. Outliving my children. I don't think any parent should ever have to live through the heartache of seeing a child die.

2. Getting that knock on the door. If I ever see one of Tony's superiors at my front door, I'm not sure I will be able to answer it.

3. Losing my job. My job allows Tony to be a firefighter. Our lives would be turned upside down if I lost my job...I know we would make it work, but still something I fear.

4. Gaining my weight back. I don't ever want to be fat again.

5. Having my POTS get worse. I can't imagine feeling worse than this but I know that it can happen.

6. Losing one of my pets. They are both such special animals and they have certainly found a place in my heart.

7. Spiders. Those eight legged creatures need to stay out of my path.

8. Owls. I'm not talking about the cutesie owls that are every where right now. I'm talking about the hooting, creepy owls in the woods. Any creature that can completely look behind itself with only moving it's head is just too much for me.

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