Friday, September 9, 2011

Five for Friday

Do you have any silly, little things that you just cannot do? No matter how hard you try? No matter how much practice? They are just things that are beyond your ability. Well...I DO! And some of them are so simple, it is ridiculous that I can't do them.

Five Things I Just CAN'T Do
1. I can't play an instrument. Unless you count chopsticks on the piano.

2. I can't whistle. I can a high pitched screeching sound, but I can't really call it whistling.

3. I can't raise only one eye brow. Tony can do this and it just irritates that snot out of me. It is a great way to make a face at someone and I just can't do it.

4. I can't ride a bike. I was able to as a kid, but the ability has eluded me since becoming an adult. Tony and the kids swear they are gonna teach me how, but I am so afraid.

5. I can't walk in a straight line. No kidding. I better not be asked to walk the line for a sobriety test...I will fail. If you walk next to me, I will almost always end up bumping into you. You should see me on a treadmill...It is a very funny site.

So, what can you not do?


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Um...are we the smae person. I SWEAR that I can't do any of those things either!! Seriously haha :)

Although, I got the hang of riding a bike last summer. It wasn't very pretty. I first ran into a pole (no joke) lol. Not riding a bike again. That saying is not DO forget how to ride a bike hehe.

Debbie said...

Oooooo! I like this post. I'm gonna steal it! ;)

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