Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Convo w/ Quinn

I hope this translates well in writing, cause we got a pretty good laugh over this conversation.

Me: "Quinn!! It's time for dinner!"
Quinn: "What?" (as he is walking out carrying his xbox controller)
Me: "Dinner! You didn't ask if you could play xbox, you need to log off. And you need to practice your trumpet and read tonight."
Quinn: "Ok"

So, we sit down to eat our frozen pizza...yes, I am that good of a mom!! :D

Quinn: "Mom...this is what I'm gonna do...I'm gonna take a shower, then play and then read."
Me: "What? You are not going to tell me how you are gonna do things. You can take your shower but you need to read." (this was said very meanly with the major mom look on my face)
Quinn: he didn't say anything back...he just stormed out to take his shower

Quinn takes shower and I clean up kitchen (okay...not really, but I think I was pretending to clean the kitchen...I was still stewing a bit). Quinn walks into the kitchen and says...

Quinn: "So, when do you want me to practice my trumpet"
LIGHTBULB! (You can say that like Gru from Despicable Me if you want to.)
Me: "Oh! You meant play your trumpet...not play xbox." doubled over laughter ensues..."I am so sorry I yelled at you. I totally thought you were telling me you were gonna play your xbox. I am so so sorry."

It was such a funny situation. I felt horrible after but we got a really good laugh out of it and hugged it out afterwards.

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Natalie said...

LOL. Love this story. He is such a good kid! You are one lucky Mama. :)

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