Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Performances

If the holidays weren't already busy enough with shopping, creating, baking, wrapping, parties, etc, etc...with kids in activities, there are also programs and recitals as well. Whew! It can be exhausting, but it is VERY rewarding.

On Saturday, Ashton's dance studio put on their Christmas recital. She is at a new studio this year, so I wasn't sure what to expect...and man...that recital was long. Ashton performed in two numbers for Tap and Jazz. She did the best I have ever seen her dance. I was so proud of her. We also got to see our friend's Madi and Abby dance solos and they were both wonderful. I was especially awed by Madi...she rocked it! Amazing!

Last night was Quinn's winter band concert. It was a combination of the different bands at SouthMoore HS and the Junior High band. Ashton and I didn't get to go (long story), but we were told they all did a GREAT job! We are looking forward to seeing what being in the HS band will bring for Quinn.

It makes this mamma proud to see her kiddos enjoy themselves and have the confidence to do the things they do.

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mistymadisonjo said...

Aston did a wonderful job. Her technique has definately improved.

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