Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Part 1 Midnight Release

As soon as I mentioned to Ashton that Target was having a launch "party" for the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD...she immediately agreed that we had to do it. I also talked Nicole into going with us...I knew that if any of my friends was crazy enough to do it, it was Nicole.

We got our ticket for the DVD at 9pm when they started passing them out. Starting at 11pm, a sneak peak of Part 2 was started...um...major let down. It was a 5 minute video...2 minute advertisement, 1 minute talk about the wedding and a 2 minute scene from the movie. And the scene was such an obscure part, unless you had read the book, you would have no idea what they were showing.

The "party" part of the night, was having us line up in the deli/meat section (which was really freakin' cold) and wait in line for them to pass out the movies at midnight'o'one.

Since we could've gotten the movie the next day without any problems, it wasn't necessarily worth staying up late, but spending the fun time with Ashton and Nicole was well worth it.

Only 9 months until Breaking Dawn Part 2 is out in the theatres!!!! I'm sure I will do even crazier things when it comes out!

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Kathie Truitt said...

You know I really need to watch one of these movies. I'm not into vampires, really, but my daughter loves them and says they really are pretty romantic.

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