Monday, April 30, 2012

Rock the Test

A few weeks ago, Ashton's school held a "Rock the Test" week to pump the kids up about the state testing that was coming the next week. Ash has always loved these events and was super excited to dress up the entire week. Day 1: The 80's Look at that bang poof! I've still got skillz when it comes to the poof!
Day 2: The 50's She wore my dad's letter jacket...isn't that thing an antique by now?
Day 3: The 70's Can you say disco?? She was rockin' it on this one!
Day 4: Hip-Hop She was going for the thug look...but with that sweet face, there isn't much thug to her.
Day 5: School Spirit This was the day after my surgery, so Tony got to do the face paint and body paint! I think she look pretty awesome!
I hope she stays this fun as she gets older.


Kendra said...

She looks AWESOME! I love all of her looks and what a fun idea to get the kids pumped for testing.
And I cannot imagine how she wouldn't stay fun with such a involved, great mom!!

Debbie said...

How FUN! She looks like she was enjoying herself! You GO Momma!

mistymadisonjo said...

Day 3 disco was by far the best. LOVE IT

Kathie Truitt said...

Wow = that 'disco' face should be an indication of what is to come when she's a bit older. Gorgeous.

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