Friday, May 25, 2012

Thunder UP!

Monday afternoon, I got a text from Nicole inviting me to the Thunder vs. Lakers, Game 5. 


I was shaking and could barely type out the answer....YES!!!!

If you ever read Nicole's blog (which you can do by clicking HERE), you know that her parents have season tickets.  For Monday's game, they let Nicole and her sister, Marissa, each invite a friend.

Tony was a little jealous, but I told him that getting to see a playoff game is probably once in a lifetime for me.  So, he begrudgingly let me go ;)

The game was beyond amazing!!!  And yes, unless you live under a rock, you know that we won.  This was my second game this season, but let me tell you, a playoff game is a whole different experience.  The energy in the arena is infectious.

I had the best time with Nicole and am so, so grateful to her for inviting me and to her parents for letting her invite me.  As it just so happens, this night would be our last official Oklahoma hangout together....Nicole left for Ohio this morning.  Of course I will see her again and I will talk to her all the time, but I can't just pop over to her house anymore like I am very used to doing.  So, getting to go to the game with her was a blessing.

I love the Thunder and am so proud that they are from OKC.  Now, let's beat the Spurs in Round 3!!!


mistymadisonjo said...

I am so glad you got to go and what a way to spend it before Nicole had to leave!

Shyla said...

WOW that sounds like a ton of fun. CHK has tickets for their employees and I put my name in the hat to get tickets for the Spurs games!

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