Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Year Wrapped

Our Junior Hospitality May Giveaway was last week.  This is where we wrap up our year, give the grant to this year's recipient, and install the board of directors for next year.

The night was bitter sweet for me.  It was a hard decision to make, but I chose not to serve on the board again.  I've really loved serving the club as secretary, but I just couldn't devote the necessary time to it for another year.  (My life will now be consumed with Band Boosters.)  So, as they said goodbye to the 2011-2012 board, it was a sad moment for me.

Second, it just wasn't the same without Nicole.  (She resigned back in January when they initially thought they would be moving.)  Nicole has been my rock in JH.  I've made some good friends in JH, but Nicole is my closest.  I know it is time to put my big girl panties on and put myself out there to become closer friends with the other girls, but it is still hard.  One such friend that misses Nicole as much as I do is the other Becky.  I know I'll have her to turn to next year when I try being a molly member again.

This is the new board for next year.....I'm excited to see what these ladies will do and how they will make 2012-2013 bigger and better!!!

I'm looking forward to the summer off, so I can recharge and get my passion back for the good things that JH has to offer to our community. 

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The Other Becky said...

Turn to me all you want Molly Member!! Love ya!

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