Thursday, July 26, 2012

Part of Me

A couple weekends ago, Ashton, Jeana and I had a girls day with lunch, shopping and a movie.

 First, I have to give a thumps up to Hummus Mediterranean Cafe.  This was the first time eating there and it was YUMMY!  They had great fresh food and the restaurant was nice (though a little small).  I highly recommend you try it out if you are in the Moore area.

Ashton got to pick the movie and she chose Katy Perry's Part of Me....and I loved every second of it.  I just love Katy and her music, so it was fun to see the "backstage" Katy.  Katy is extremely quirky and a very hard worker.  She definitely didn't get this far in her career without some blood, sweat and tears.  She and Russell Brand were married and ultimately divorced during the filming of this movie, so it there were some very heartbreaking moments.

Of course we are dying to go see her perform in person now.  Ashton says we MUST do the VIP experience...I think Ashton MUST be nuts! 

It was a lot of fun spending the day with my girlie-oh's!  Lookin' forward to the next one!

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